Celebrating the ArtRT of Drag Through the ArtRT of Giving

Be a part of illustrations from the art of drag that immortalize LGBTQ+ history as an art patron of Noble Deeds..

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Noble Deeds is the first-everan illustrated exploration of the Imperial Court System, among the LGBTQ+ community’s oldest organizations. Award-winning photographer Ben Fink, working over a period of seven years, from 2017 to 2023, has captured scores of iconic court personalities
in a series of dreamlike tableaus. Merging photographs and digitized scenarios, Fink has crafted a series of regal images that properly immortalize these unforgettable pioneers of community activism and philanthropy.

Here’s your opportunity to be a part of LGBTQ+ history.The Noble Deeds book will have a companion series of public exhibitions set up in galleries, museums, and public spaces globally. As donors underwrite these exhibitions ignage on-site at the exhibitions will elegantly commemorate the contributions of each art patron. The exhibitions will take place in 2025, formally honoring the 60th anniversary of the Imperial Court System.

Whether you are a corporate or an individual sponsor, whether you underwrite a single work or a complete show, your generosity will have a huge impact. You will transform Noble Deeds into a traveling exhibition that will enlighten and educatehave.At a time when the LGBTQ+ community is under fire by right-wing oppressors, we must increase our visibility. Noble Deeds is an ideal method of doing so.As a Noble Deeds sponsor, you will be recognized as a generous champion of LGBTQ+ culture and history. celebrat the art of drag through the art of giving by bringing Noble Deeds to a worldwide audiencelife.

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Artist bio Born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1963, Ben Fink had a childhood marked by hardship and loss. After the untimely death of both his parents, he was shuffled between foster homes and family residences in various locations. These included Baltimore and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Memphis, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

An additional challenge in his early life was living with a paranoid schizophrenic who was abusive. This painful experience significantly impacted Fink’s perspective and worldview, often leading him to construct alternative narratives as a coping mechanism. Despite these adversities, he discovered his passion for art, finding solace and expression in this creative outlet.

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