Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) 

HKC performs both Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments for banks to secure loans, developers, and real estate transactions. 

Preliminary Assessment – Phase I 

HKC has performed several Phase I assessments, for real estate management and financial companies. Our typical Phase I assessment consists of a site inspection to identify conditions that might impose environment liabilities. Phase I assessments may include the following: 

  • Background data reviews, which include geological maps, aerial photos, historical records, and regulatory databases. 
  • Site inspection and survey to document any conditions that may result in any liability. 
  • Title search 
  • Identification of any suspected asbestos material or mold. 
  • Preparation of maps drawn to scale. 
  • Interpretations of the collected data 
  • Preparation of technical reports, determination of risk level, identification of liabilities and recommendations. 
Identified source of liability on a farm, Fuel equipment, and waste oil.  
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