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Volunteers do not necessarily have the time
they just have the heart.
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Who is Michel Haubrich?

Hi! I’m Michel Haubrich. I have two careers under my belt, one in show business for 25 years. Several years in the fashion industry and I also have good computer skills. I am fully bilingual FRENCH/ENGLISH, having lived and worked half of my life in the United States and the other half in France. I am also bi-national US/FR. I can also make your video in French, if you ask for it.

Artistic Career:

Record producer Song writer/Singer – (Approximately five million records sold in 27 countries with 7 No 1 hits worldwide)

 Artistic A & R Director (singing lessons, rehearsals for shows, A & R of various artists in recording studios, mixing records, work on songs and songwriters to make their finished, polished products.

How To Help?

Video Editing

"Video editing: Transform raw footage into compelling stories. Blend visuals, sound, and effects for a viewer experience.Precision, and technical skills combine to and captivate audiences."

Travel Video

Travel Video "Capture the world's beauty through travel video. Share cultures, landscapes, and adventures, creating visual stories inspire and connect."

Event Video

"Event video captures moments, emotions, and stories. It preserves memories, making every event timeless so very and unforgettable through moving images."

Live Streaming

"Live streaming offers real-time engagement, connecting viewers worldwide. Share events, gaming and , interactive experiences.t's a dynamic platform for ecommunication."


What we need to create your music video

submit photos, video clips, and your favorite’ll receive your completed video in approximately one week.

  • Your Photos and Videos delivered on time.
  • Clips delivered on time.
  • Your Preferred Music better quality delivered on time.
  • Enjoy the Magic! 

~ Words that Count!

After watching the video for the Campbell family, I knew I wanted to make one for my family.

~ Words that Count!

After watching the video for the Campbell family, I knew I wanted to make one for my family.

Who is Merleen Campbell?

Merleen started singing with her father’s gospel group, the Midland Trail Quartet, before starting grade school, so she knew that music would always be a part of her life at that young age. She continued to include music, even after her father died, when she was 13 years old, by being involved with music in church and in school. She took piano lessons for a while and played at functions needing a pianist and/or an accompanist. After finishing school, she married and moved to her new home where she joined community clubs and organizations, which opened opportunities for music, both as an accompanist and as a vocalist. Upon joining their church, she sang in the choir and served as an alternate pianist. When the community was given the option to take possession of a local building and start a theatre company, Merleen jumped at the chance to help and that was the beginning of her theatrical career. Starting with short plays at first, the theatre group began as the Hillbilly Players. After participating in a competition and receiving an award and some notoriety the name was changed to Landmark Players, as their theatre was a landmark building in Sutton. Merleen began auditioning for roles in musical productions and to her credit, she was the lead in many, beginning with the role of Dolly Levi in “Hello Dolly”.



Just An Example Of What We Can Do

From a commissioned jingle for Radio Monte Carlo’s for a product called The Bilboa, Because people were calling the Radio station all day long, asking what record they used for the gingle, and that’s it was a gingle so we decided to make a record out of it. We went back in studio and created “THE BILBOA DANCE” by the group “Sweet Bananas” It became a #1 hit on the charts in Cameroon, A unique journey that led to the renowned group we all know now as “KASSAV” A new song was born from a gingle! In Africa. I am proud to say that it’s probably the first time that a song started with a gingle, instead of the other way around.

We called the group “Sweet Bananas” and a new song was born “The Bilboa Dance” It became number one in Cameroon, Africa. I am also proud to say that this group went on to bigger things under the name of “Kassav”

Golden Photomontage Created 1752 Music Videos.
Michel Wrote, Sang and Produced 216 Single Record & LPs



$ 99 Basic Plan
  • 5 Revisions
  • 1 song-3 minute max
  • 30 pictures /video clips
  • 1 DVD + 1 MP4 Link by mail


$ 142 Favorite Plan
  • 10 Revisions
  • 1 song-5 minute max
  • 45 pictures /video clips
  • 3 DVD + 1 MP4 Link by mail


$ 199 Advanced Plan
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Upto 2 song-8 minute max
  • 75 pictures /video clips
  • 3 DVD + MP4 Link + 50% Off
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