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Also known as Cybersecurity, Digital Security includes online and offline data flow, storage, access using software and hardware to create a hostile environment for would-be online (or in house) thieves and hackers.

We create and manage an Information Technology (IT) environment that is hostile to network threats making your data unattractive to cybercriminals. Sadly, many businesses with sensitive data do not make preparing for these cyber security threats a priority until it is too late.

About Us

About Starphyre Digital Security

Our team of online and network security professionals provide small to medium businesses with cyber security awareness training, consulting, and cybersecurity services. Interactive workshops help employees understand their critical role in cybersecurity.

A cyberattack on your business is inevitable, your business surviving a cyberattack is not. Starphyre™️ protects its clients with daily IT vulnerability scanning to monitor their entire network while a professional security analyst interrupts the results and either takes immediate corrective action or alerts our customer of the steps. They should take to neutralize the cyber security threat. 

Our Services

Cybersecurity Services

Vulnerability Scanning and Patch Management

Looks for vulnerabilities on your network 24/7 to proactively identify and fix weaknesses before hackers exploit them. Vulnerabilities are the second most common way hackers gain initial access to your network and the most common way they exploit that access. Required for HIPAA, IRS and GLBA compliance.

Endpoint Detection and Response

This service focuses on protecting end-user devices, such as laptops, desktops and mobile devices from cybersecurity threats using the latest endpoint protection technology. Required for HIPAA, IRS and GLBA compliance.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Employee error is the most common way hackers grain access to your network. Well-trained employees who are valiant and knowledgeable provide strong defense against cyberattacks. Required for HIPAA, IRS and GLBA compliance.

Network Security

A strong firewall is essential, along with strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and encryption. Required for HIPAA, IRS and GLBA compliance.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protects your records and business against natural and manmade disasters. Backups should be performed regularly and stored offsite. Necessary for part of any business continuity plan. Required for HIPAA, IRS and GLBA compliance.

Written Information Security Plan (WISP)

Includes cybersecurity assessment, protocols, and incident response plan. Required IRS compliance. Recommended for HIPAA Compliance.

Forensic Services

Forensic services for investigating crimes involving digital data. Services include such things are data recovery, spyware analysis, expert witness in court or deposition, mobile forensic, social media, and password cracking, to mention a few.

Cyber Insurance

Our cybersecurity services can qualify clients for up to a 30% discount on comprehensive cybersecurity insurance.

Why Choose Us

Expert Support to Enhance Your Cyber Defenses

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