Stormwater Compliance Solutions

Stormwater Treatment Solutions

“Biochar Media for Stormwater Treatment”
Adsorption, Filtration & ion Exchange Medias
Large Capacity for Absorbing/Adsorbing Contaminants from Stormwater
Excellent Flow Rate Capacity
Complete Passive Filtration System
Effectively Reduces Metals (aluminum, zinc, copper, lead, iron), as well as TSS & TPH
Used in Many Types of Treatment Devices
Ideal For: Catch Basin Filters, Roof Downspout Filters, Filter Socks, etc.

Catch Basin Filters for Stormwater Treatment

“ADSORB-it Catch Basin Filters Designed to Protect Water Quality”
Introducing the Adsorb-it Stormfilter designed to capture pollutants such as sediments, debris, petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy-metals from stormwater runoff from industrial, commercial and residential sources.

The uniquely designed ADSORB-it Catch Basin Filters are made from a hi-strength stainless steel frame attached to a heavy-duty screen basket with hi-flow ADSORB-it filtration fabric material that allows storm water to flow through the fabric material for extended periods while capturing sediments, oils, oily sheen and oil-borne contaminants. The ADSORB-it Catch Basin Filters are designed to hold over 100-lbs of sediment and debris and can be cleaned and reused many times over.

The ADSORB-it Catch Basin Filter can also be retro-fitted with additional Stormwater BIOCHAR filtration media with high adsorption capacity for removing petroleum hydrocarbons, total suspended solids and soluble/ insoluble metals such as zinc, copper and lead from point and non-point source polluted storm water discharges.

The additional Stormwater BIOCHAR filter media contained within the high-flow ADSORB-it fabric combines adsorption, filtration and ion exchange into one capacity with high adsorption rates and excellent flow characteristics to provide a complete passive treatment system.

Many sizes and configurations are available to be manufactured to meet your individual catch basin-storm drainage inlet design specifications.

Catch Basin Debris Filters

Engineered Stormwater Treatment Systems

Providing “Pure Rain” Systems designed as a high-flow treatment system with metals adsorbing Biochar Filter Media that effectively removes sediments, debris, oils, suspended solids and adsorbs/absorbs heavy-metal pollutants found in storm water runoff.

The “Pure Rain” Stormwater Treatment Systems are engineered for connecting either to large commercial/industrial type roof downspouts or surface water applications with pumping capabilities from below ground stormwater drainage systems. The “Pure Rain” Systems are API and EPA approved, and are built to ASTM and H20 structural standards and come in a variety of sizes and capacities ranging from 400-gallons to 5,500-gallons, and flow rates ranging from 150-GPM to 400-GPM, with treatment capacities down to 5-ug/L effluent treatment quality and 25-micron filtering rates.

Stormwater Filtration Products

Catch Basin Debris Filter

The Catch Basin Debris Filter is designed as a large capacity sediment and debris Catch Basin Insert (CBI) for effectively capturing heavy solids and debris while allowing the unrestricted discharge of storm water for extended periods. The Catch Basin Debris Filter is a very rigid catch basin filter that comes with a stainless steel frame that is riveted and attached to a heavy-duty PVC coated wire-mesh filter basket, with a hi-flow Nylon Mesh Liner on the inside.

The Catch Basin Filter Basket can be designed and manufactured to fit most storm drainage structures and precast frames/grates, and are available in many sizes from small 12″x 12″ up to larger 36″x 48″ with sump baskets at varying depths and holding capacities.

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